About me.

My name is Pastor Caleb A Santos and I am the Senior Pastor of the Christian corner Community church 56. I was born in the Bronx, New York City, and lived there for 13 years. Life was rough in the city streets and my father decided to move us to Puerto Rico. It was a culture shock because life was so different on that island.

Life in Puerto Rico

When I moved to Puerto Rico, I had to expand my knowledge of the Spanish language. I understood Spanish, but could not read it. My mom gave me a crash course on reading Spanish. Life in the schools was rough. The classmates would pick on me and call me—“El Americano” (The American).

One day, I noticed the Gideons were handing out free New testament books. I got my copy. Looking at the book, they had the sinner’s prayer. I prayed that prayer and signed the date on it. Which was, if memory serves me right, around August 1972.

Around my late teens and early 20’s, I went through a period of confusion and mixture. I was dabbling in the Psychic arts and Santeria. My home life was a mess and I was in rebellion clashing with my father. To further complicate things, I had my heart broken by two different women. I wanted a change, so I decided to leave and join the US Navy.

Life in Virginia

Joining the Navy was an interesting experience. I went to Boot camp in Orlando, Florida, and felt like I was in a prison. After Boot camp, I attended some training classes and started to drink heavily at times. It was during that time that I met my future wife. I was so impressed with her that on the first date, I asked her to marry me. She turned me down, but after a few months, she said yes.

Married life was interesting. We settled in Virginia, It was during that time that God was working with us. After backsliding for about 8 years, I re-dedicated my life to Jesus. My wife Terry followed afterward. It was at that time that I wanted to go into the ministry. I did my 4 years in the Navy and was excited at my new beginning as a civilian. I was planning on serving God as a minister, but little did I know what obstacles I would face.

A wake-up call

Civilian life was interesting. I had some trouble adjusting to it until I settled down as a cab driver. It had been years since I left the US Navy, I had 2 boys and a world of hospital bills. I was working long hours and Sunday nights were my best time to make some money.

One time, my church was looking to train some Area Pastors. I volunteered for that position until I found out that I had to forsake my Sunday night cab driving. I asked them to change the schedule, but they refused. Soon, I had an attitude and started to drift away from God.

When God has a calling on your life, he will call your attention. It was during the evening hours of January 1988, I felt the urge to pray in tongues while I was driving my cab. Sometime during my shift, one of my passengers shot me 2 times. I was hit in the arm and the other bullet, narrowly, missed my head.

By the grace of God, I managed to drive away and escape with my life. I had never seen so much blood come out of my arm. It was a cold night and I had a heavy coat but blood was sprinkling like a fountain. I notified the dispatcher about my incident. She called an ambulance to meet me at my location.

My fellow cab drivers drove to that location and offered encouragement. As I stepped into the ambulance, the paramedic cleaned my wound and showed me the bullet. It was from a .38 revolver and missed my main artery by an inch. It was a wake-up call in my life. My attitude towards the church changed and I volunteered for Sunday night training.

Trusting God

My wake-up call traumatized me for a season. I changed my job and was working Part-time keeping the books for a cab company. Afterward, the Lord impressed me to face my fears and work for the cab company again. The Lord opened more doors of blessing. I got hired for Verizon and worked for 21 years. Life was looking good.

After retirement from Verizon, The Lord led me to start the Christian corner ministries. It started out as a Spanish ministry, but it evolved as a bi-lingual ministry. During my years as a Christian, God taught me the importance of knowing your calling. Our ministry has the vision to help the body find its identity in Christ.

You have a book of destiny in heaven and God wants to open that book. If you don’t know Jesus in the pardon of your sins, why not have a new beginning in your life? I will not promise you a Rose Garden but, I will assure you that you will learn how to hear God. His word will open up to you and give you the answers you need, so why not take that first step and confess Jesus as your Lord? If you are serious about starting a new beginning, click on this link below…


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