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My name is Pastor Caleb A Santos. I pastor a church ministry called the Christian Corner community church. I would like to share a little about my testimony and the ministry. I was born in the Bronx, New York City, NY in 1956. I lived in the city for 13 years before my father moved us to Puerto Rico. The streets were rough and I was starting to hang out with a gang. Thank God, that my father moved us from that dangerous atmosphere. Spending 8 years in Puerto Rico, I gave my life to the Lord at about 16 years old by praying the sinner’s prayer from a Gideon’s bible, but that did not last long.

Soon, I started to stray away. I dabbled in Latin Music (Salsa), got involved with some Santeria and the world. Frustrated with the job search in Puerto Rico, I joined the US Navy. It was around that time during my tour duty that I met my lovely wife Terry. I credit God with putting my wife in my path to help slow down the path of destruction I was headed to. Afterwards, I rededicated my life to the Lord as well as leading my wife to Jesus. I was serving God and wanted to go all out into ministry, but God showed me that I had to grow in my walk with him.

After leaving the Navy after 4 years, I went thru some difficult times. I was working at times, 2 or 3 jobs just to support my family. After a period of time, I started to think that my lot in life was to work. Church was fine, but I limited myself to going on Sundays. Soon, the demands of my job was taking me away from church and I started to stray away. I knew I was called to ministry, but I had to work to maintain my family. Ministry took a back seat. Little did I know what the Lord had in store for me. On January 1988, while driving a taxi cab, I got shot in the arm and narrowly missed getting shot in the head. At that time, I realize life was a vapor and I could have died without fulfilling my ministry. It was at that time that I surrendered my life completely, again, to the Lord.

After serving the Lord in the church, first as an Elder and then a Pastor for about twenty years, God called me to form the Christian corner community church. It started as a Spanish outreach (El Rincon Cristiano) and blossomed into the Christian corner ministry. God led us to work with Pastor Steve Johnson, who is our Pastor and overseer. Life is good and we managed to grow and get new partners. Perhaps you would like to partner with us? Do, prayerfully, consider yoking yourself with us and see what God will do in your life. God bless you and remember—You have the mind of Christ.


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I am easy-going and I like a good laugh.

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  1. What an amazing testimony. When God gives us a dream he will see it come to pass when we are obedient. Congratulations on persevering what God put in your heart.

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