A look at the communion elements

                   What comes to your mind when celebrating communion. A cracker and some grape juice? A quotation from scripture? Communion is a most sacred and solemn event. It is the renewal of a covenant. A covenant that the Lord made with the church. Not understanding the covenant can have serious consequences in our lives.

                   Jesus brought this up with his disciples for the first time in John 6:25-52. I, sometimes, get amused when I hear some preachers saying we believe in the literal meaning of the Bible. Please do not misunderstand me, we should take every word of the Bible literally but at the same time, understand that some of its meanings involves symbolism or analogies. PS 17:8 says to hide me under the shadows of thy wings. When we think of wings, we think of a bird. Is God a bird? No. It is symbolic of his protection.

When Jesus brought up the communion elements for the first time, he compared it to his flesh and blood. The Jews forbade cannibalism and for them to hear this teaching really shook their traditions and laws to the core. When we think of Jesus and his disciples, we see 12 of them in the back of our minds. Truth of the matter is that Jesus had 70 disciples in total.(Luke 10:1, 10:17), plus those that went with him because of the loaves and fishes.

                           It was sad to see many of the disciples and others leave because of a simple misunderstanding of communion. They lost what could have been the greatest blessing of their lives. Brethren, please forgive me for being repetitious with this one point. It is, of extreme importance, especially in these last days that the believers pray the Ephesians prayers.

In my next post, I will enclose those prayers so that your study of the word can be enhanced and your eyes of your understanding be enlightened. When you do this, your Bible study will take on a whole new dimension. Revelation knowledge will pour out and your study will be exciting. You will not be able to get enough of the word. God bless.

Reprint courtesy of Word and Grace ministries….http://www.wordandgrace.blogspot.com

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