Get wisdom with communion.

“Come, eat of my bread, and drink of the wine which I have mingled. Forsake the foolish, and live; and go in the way of understanding.”  (Prov 9:5-6)

 As you look at this picture above, I can guess what you are thinking–What does a light bulb has to do with communion? In my younger years as a child, I used to look at cartoons. It used to amused me when a particular cartoon character had an idea, a bright light bulb with a caption used to appear, indicating that it had a bright idea. Bright ideas never grow old, they are always welcome in this sin-ridden, full of problems world in which we live in.

As we read Proverbs 9:1-6, we notice the two communion elements mentioned in these verses (Bread and wine.) It, also, mentions the word Wisdom. The word tells us that Christ is made unto us wisdom, so this is Jesus calling out to us and trying to get our attention. He has a house built for us and it has 7 pillars. This speaks of identification. Hebrews 3:6 says that we are the house of Christ. We are in him and he is within us. We have a genius who live inside of us!

The word of God tells us that we are hidden in him. He is our protector and wants to bless us.  He is inviting us to the table. My question to you is-Will you come? Notice he says–“Eat of my bread…Drink of my wine!” He wants to give you wisdom and understanding. Understanding of your financial problems. Understanding of your sickness and healing. Understanding of what you are going thru.

Communion is something that you can have NOW and don’t have to wait until the church gets together. You can have communion by yourself and ask God for wisdom and understanding. Abraham had communion in the old Testament and his life was never the same (Gen 14:18-23)  Communion caused Abraham to make the right decision and have discernment when the king of Sodom came with an offer. Abraham knew that his offer wasn’t wise. He wanted to give Abraham money, but he had an ulterior motive.

Many Pastors should take heed to this when accepting big sums of money. Sometimes, a person would give in order to control the church. Having communion can help Pastors see thru this deception. These communion elements can, also, work for the body of Christ, too. So, my friends, spend some time meditating in this and remember to eat the bread and drink of the wine. It will give you wisdom and understanding. God has prepared a table in the midst of your enemies. (Ps 23:5) The communion table is a powerful weapon to use in the arena of spiritual warfare and will avoid pitfalls in your life. God bless! 

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