The wine in the communion elements

” And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.” (Rev 12:11) 

 As we studied on the importance of communion, we saw how it is more than just a ritual-It is remembering our covenant with God! Our failure to know about the covenant had created religion and doctrines of men. Communion is a powerful thing that will release healing, prosperity and the power of God in our life! In this study, I want to show how powerful the blood can be in the elements of communion.

              First, a misunderstanding of communion is why the Jews lost their chance to be blessed. Jesus was taking his disciples on a deeper walk with him. Traditions and misunderstandings caused them to miss this wonderful insight of communion. When he spoke of eating his flesh and drinking his blood, many thought he was speaking of cannibalism. Cannibalism was prohibited according to the law. (John 6:60-61, Lev 17:10-11)

                We need to know that it is, not, enough to take the Bible literally but to have revelation knowledge. Revelation knowledge will give us deep insight in order to be blessed. The blood of Christ is, not only, shed for salvation-it is a tool for battle! It was, symbolically, used in the Old testament and protected the Jews against judgement in Egypt. 

                  The blood of Jesus can flow through our veins if we believe. Medically speaking, sickness and disease comes thru the blood. The word says that we are one blood. (Acts 17:26) Understanding the power of the blood in the communion elements can break any generational curse in our family line. It saddens me when people don’t understand about pleading the blood. Pleading the blood is scriptural and it works! (Isa 43:26, Rev 12:11)  

                    So, let’s not forget the power of the blood in the communion elements. Let us remember that it protects us. Let us remember that it heals us! Let us remember that it can justify us! There is great power in the blood. Learn to use it today! 

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