Our latest guest blogger.

Brother Carlos Garcia

It is my pleasure to have as our guest blogger Brother Carlos Garcia. I have known Carlos for more than 10 years. He has the heart of a poet and writer. Here are some thoughts he wants to share about the Corona virus pandemic. Whether or not you agree with his thoughts, it will make make you think about the people who have lost their loved ones to this terrible disease.

                                   Healing the Pandemic’s effect.

Have you ever survived a crash or a traumatic event in your life?  Yet, when the event is over, the experience you went through continues to linger.  At times, the trauma visits you in the form of a dream, or better said, a nightmare.  The pain keeps coming back and making your breathing heavy and labored.  You keep trying to find relief, but you can’t seem to find freedom from it. 

The pandemic turned many worlds upside down.  Let’s look at some key points…

  • Many lost loved ones.
  • Others lost businesses.
  • Finally, many lost themselves in the mist of the chaos.

                                 Identifying with pain

 We all need healing, a voice and hope. This year is halfway over. Though many have moved on, It’s hard to look forward because your heart is with those who have passed away.  You wish you could move on.  You can’t let go and you’re in a stasis as life moves on past you. 

Many are trapped and stuck. They are surrounded by what some never acknowledged to be true, but you know the other side of the story. You wish you could move on. No one has seen the pain and the loss like those on the front lines.  This select group has seen death up close in a way that has not been reported in the news.

Death and the pain of loss is real.  Few will ever see what nurses and doctors have endured during this past year of loss. Walk with me and let’s find healing together.  Here is a small excerpt from my book-—-                                                    

                                         12, 16, 24-hour shifts,

Fighting for the lives of others. Exhausted, you still stand. To labor another day.  Another day to save the ones dying. Fighting against the madness. Bold, strong, feeling so weak. Vulnerable, shaken and feeble, Yet, I declare you are strong. Bold, joyful and courageous.

                            Finding comfort in the book of Psalms. 

The book of Psalms is a timeless book in the Bible where many go to find solace and comfort. To identify with the feelings of pain, guilt, anger, and regret.  This book runs the gamut of emotions that humans need to express to God while revealing what is taking place in their hearts.  We need the book of Psalms. 

 The book of Psalms is essential for our sanity, humanity and soul.  Poetry portrays the raw inner strength and inner struggles.  I pray that the reliability of these poems reaches deep into your heart and helps you find healing. God bless you.  

                                     Editor’s notes 

I hope you have been motivated by the heart of Brother Carlos thoughts. He will be our guest on our Sunday online church service sometime in July. He has written various books and his latest is titled Healing in the time of Corona virus which is available through Amazon.                        























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One thought on “Our latest guest blogger.

  1. Thanks, Carlos. You did a good job at reminding us why the front liners should be viewed as the heroes that they are.


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