Healing in the communion elements

Give us this day our daily bread. (Matt 6:11)

What comes to mind when you think of the word bread? Nourishment? A way to satisfy a craving with hot bread, butter, and coffee? In the natural, we can find ways to use bread, mainly as an addition to our food needs. Now, as we look at Matt 6:11, we see that Jesus mentioned bread for a spiritual need. Like in the natural, we can find many ways for our spiritual bread to feed us, but we are going to focus on one thing— Healing.

Healing is the children’s bread

Jesus mentioned this fact in Matt 15:22-28. In this passage of scripture, There was a woman from Canaan who came to Jesus to ask him to heal her daughter. Her daughter’s sickness was not an ordinary one. This was demonic oppression, yet Jesus refused to lift a finger to help her. Why? She had no covenant with God. Yet, this woman was persistent even though Jesus called her a dog.

What led to her daughter’s breakthrough? She recognized her condition. Jesus saw her persistent faith and humble heart, and delivered her daughter. When you partake of the communion elements, you must examine yourself. You got to make sure you are right. The taking of communion is a solemn occasion in which the manifested presence of the Holy Spirit will show up at the communion table.

At the communion table, we can expect a visitation of God through the Holy Spirit. We fail to understand the visitations of God. When the manifested cloud of Glory of God visits his people, there will be blessings or curses. As you study I Cor 11:28-30, It warns us of the consequences of not taking its elements correctly. The good news is that when your heart is right, Healing can be released thru the communion elements. It can heal you in your body and your soul—Praise God!

I have been young, and now am old; yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread. (Ps 37:25)

What would you think of a father who failed to provide for their children? The word says that he is worst than an infidel. (I Tim 5:8) Our God is a provider of Healing. Our minds should be renewed to believe that it is our covenant right. It is his duty to provide Healing. We need to have true revelation knowledge of our covenant with God. Tradition and religion will rob us of his power to heal us.

Suffering for Christ

I Peter 4:13 tells us about the sufferings of Christ. Many compare it to being sick, but they are missing the whole picture. Christ, during his time of ministry, was never ill. The things that he suffered were being used as training to help him please the Father. One such training was in the area of obedience. ( Heb 5:8)

Another was in the area of Persecution and misunderstandings. Did you know that Jesus was called crazy by his friends and family? They were about ready to have him committed!(Mark 3:20-21, 32) When you serve God, you are going to be misunderstood and persecuted.

Let’s get one thing straight. I am not in denial. I recognize that Christians can and do get sick. These are called afflictions. As long as we are in this world, we will go through afflictions, including sickness. The good news is that you don’t have to stay sick. You can partake of the communion elements on your own and take your Healing.

Now, I want you to practice communion by yourself. There are at least 14 covenant promises in the communion elements. If you are sick or have an old injury, take the bread and juice (Grape juice is preferred). Do a self-examination and get right with the Lord. Expect his manifested presence and receive his Healing right now. You can say the following prayer below.

Prayer– Lord, as I partake of your communion elements, I ask you to forgive me of any sins that stand between you and me. If I have been bitter, I let it go. I chose to forgive those who have offended me. Now, as I invite your presence to your communion table, I receive the Healing that is contained in your bread. I am your child, and Healing is the children’s bread. Let your anointing fall on me and remove any pain, symptoms, or sickness. I receive Healing, and it is mine. In Jesus’ name, amen.  Editors note–We are on Facebook. Check out our page-The Christian corner community church 56.


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