The Night I Got Shot!

My Story

Greetings. I want to share my testimony. I have to admit this was unexpected. Looking back 34 years ago, I can talk about this and get excited.

I was driving a taxi, trying to make a living. That evening, I felt the Holy Spirit moving me to pray in tongues. I spent hours praying in tongues, not knowing what awaited me.

Friend, I have been focusing on the need to be a better listener, especially concerning matters of the Holy Spirit. It can mean life or death in some cases. Having worked long hours at my job, I felt a voice telling me to go home. I ignored that voice, and it got me in trouble.

I stopped at a convenience store, and two girls came to my cab. I took them to their destination, and they got out. I asked who was going to pay my fare. Looking back, I felt foolish being concerned about a miserable $2.75 fare. They told me that someone else was going to pay for it.

A guy came to the cab wearing baggy pants. He pretended to look for the money and then pointed his gun at my face. Out came two shots. The first shot hit my arm by the grace of God. Then, he goes to the driver’s side to finish the job with the second shot. I felt a hand put my head out of the way, and he shot clear thru the window. I could feel the bullet narrowly missing my head.

During that time, I saw a blue light. I later found out it was my angel. The guy fled the scene, thinking he had finished me off. I had never seen so much blood sprinkling from my winter coat like a fountain when I came to. I called the dispatcher, and she directed me to a convenience store. She instructed me to wait in the cab for a police officer.

When the police officer came to meet me, I filed a report about the incident. Soon, paramedics surrounded the area along with some detectives. When I finished answering questions, I rode with the paramedics to the Emergency unit. I saw the bullet, which came from a .38 revolver. Later, I discovered that bullet missed the main artery in my arm. 

During my time in Emergency, I called my wife. My main concern was her pregnancy. She was five months pregnant, and I was concerned about her reaction to this incident. God gave her grace, and she managed to deal with it. My stay at Emergency was just a few hours, but the repercussions of it stayed for months on an emotional level.

Final thoughts

This incident happened as a wake-up call to me. Friend, the word of God tells us that our life is a vapor. If you are a believer and don’t know your calling, seek the Lord with your whole heart. I knew I had a calling when that incident happened, but I had allowed life’s circumstances to sidetrack me. Death could have had me, but God intervened. If you don’t know Jesus as your savior, now is the time to accept God’s gift. Please don’t put it off. If you need prayers, please let us know in the comment section. God bless.

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