The most important contract.


What is the most important contract that you can have in your life? If you read the terms of most contracts, you will find that it defines them as a covenant. The most important covenant you can have would be with God. In the Old Testament, God made a covenant with men. It would command men to be circumcised eight days after birth. (Lev 12:2-4) When studying the Bible, pay attention to numbers. They have hidden meanings.

Eight in Biblical numerology means new beginnings. Our God is a God of new beginnings. When you accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior, you enter a new dimension in the spiritual world. The next step is water baptism. Upon completing this process, you lock the contract with God to follow him as your Lord and Savior.

Your enemies are my enemies.

When we enter into covenant with God through baptism, we partner with God. What belongs to him belongs to us and vice versa. One of my favorite movies was the Godfather. I like the part where someone is asking the Godfather for a favor. This person had his daughter assaulted, and he was not getting justice from the law. The Godfather told him that had he come to him earlier, his enemies would have been his enemies, and they would fear him.

Once we enter into a covenant with God through water baptism, we bury the Old Man. We enter into a dimension where our enemies become the Lord’s enemies. I have moments where I have looked back at my water baptism and saw my sinful nature buried along with sickness, disease, and financial lack, among other things.

Take some time to hear my podcast and see the video below. Learn to stand on your covenant rights. For those who need to get water baptized, please don’t hesitate. You may be losing the greatest deal of your life.

Prayer—Thank you for speaking to me, Lord. I thank you for my water baptism. I see myself dead with Christ. When he died, I died. When he rose up, I rose up. I have resurrection life. I love righteousness and hate iniquity. My past was buried with him. My sin-loving nature was buried with him. My sickness and disease was buried with him. My poverty and lack was buried with him. I walk in victory today in Jesus’ name. Amen!

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