How to use social media.

Some helpful tips.

Social media is one of the greatest things that has ever happened to society. Think of the many advantages at your fingertips. Looking for your long-lost friends, getting in touch with family members, and even watching old TV shows are a few ways of having fun. For non-profits and businesses, it can be a gold mine.

My favorite is Facebook. Create a page and start posting. Advertising on Facebook is very affordable and can build up your page. If you are like me and don’t want to spend money, take advantage of Reels. They can be very useful and build up your audience. Another way is to make some contact with people from work, family members, and church members. In your spare time, make up a list of people. You will be surprised at how many names come up to your remembrance.

Want to have some fun? Start writing about things you enjoy. Make contact with other groups you like. For example, I am a classic movie fan and join groups and pages with similar interests. I, then, create a Facebook page on classic movies and start posting content on my page. Adding a blog is a big plus. You can create a blog for free at Google Blogs. Google is very helpful, especially when you post blogs on a daily basis. ‘

Start interacting with other groups and pages. Begin to start posting content from your page. You will slowly build an audience and get more likes. It may not come overnight; that’s why patience is key. Afterward, start to consider the Facebook live stream option. Get excited about what you are talking about. Let your audience know that you are on. Get them excited and engaged.

Getting back on the subject of Facebook Reels, it can be a great tool. Once you build an audience, it can boost your product or item. Consider using Vista Create. It is a useful app and Toonly animation. Vista Create is free and simple to use.

Toonly is not expensive and will add a boost to your business or non-profit. Don’t pay high advertising costs. Invest in Toonly. They have a tutorial that will teach you on Youtube. You can use this skill to help businesses and nonprofits advertise on the net. With technology, creating wonderful and funny characters that will draw attention is easy.

Adding these tools can be a boost on Tic Toc reels. Many times, a funny cartoon can build up an audience. It has worked for me. I did a Toonly cartoon, and it has generated 1500 (+) views. The best part of it is that it was free and added traffic to my website.

Other helpful vehicles such as Podcasting and Rumble can put money in your pocket. My favorite podcast is Spreaker. They have ads that can help you on the Spreaker podcast. Rumble will pay you for your video, but it takes time and patience. You have to build up your audience. Finally, consider going with affiliates. They can put some money in your pocket. Learn from the experts on YouTube and take advantage of their tutorials on affiliates. Hope this helps, and have a blessed day.

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Disclaimer–Do your own research. Not intended to be financial advice. For entertainment purposes only.

Helpful tips for Social Media.

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