Follow The Holy Spirit.

Daily writing prompt
What gives you direction in life?

 sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me (John 10:27)

Greetings. This morning, My dear WordPress associates asked me what gives me direction in life. Without hesitation, I will answer that question with four words –Follow the Holy Spirit! He can bring answers to all of your problems. I understand that people use different kinds of methods in order to get guidance for their lives. Some will seek the counsel of friends. Others in business will listen to and read motivational books and DVDs. Nothing wrong with that.

When I was in sales, I enjoyed (still enjoy) listening to motivational speakers. I like to drop in some TED meetings and get blessed hearing the latest in the business world and the field of technology. Years afterward, I became a minister and now have a new perspective on life. I have witnessed how the Holy Spirit blessed me with extraordinary wisdom and insights.

While I do not know it all, I do know that I can depend upon the Lord to provide answers through his word. You can be blessed with his guidance and wisdom, also.┬áLet’s look at some basic and easy steps to consider. Here are some useful tips–

  • Make sure your name is in the Book of Life. Having a relationship with Jesus is so vital. When we accept him as our savior, he will see us thru our problems and give us victory. (1)
  •  Pray and ask God to give you direction concerning joining a church. Seek a Pastor who can teach the Word and help apply it to your life. Joining a church is very important because that is where you will find your calling and direction. Allow yourself to be mentored by others. Get to know your spiritual family.
  •  Get baptized in water. (Matt 28:19) and in the Spirit. (Act 2:1-4)
  •  Spend some time in Prayer and the Word. Jesus gave us an idea of how much time to spend in prayer. An hour a day is the ideal model. (Mark 14:37-38) Notice Jesus said to watch and pray. The praying part is having a conversation with God. The watching part is studying the Word to hear God’s voice. A helpful tool would be to pray the prayer of Ephesians (2) and Ps 112.
  •  Start the day and ask God to show you his perfect will for the day. An optional but not required tool is the book entitled Prayers that avail much by Germaine Copeland. This book will enhance your prayer life. This book does it all for you. It gives you the scriptures and prayers to help strengthen your faith.( )

Another thing to consider is knowing that not everyone is called to be a church minister. There are many ways to fulfill God’s calling for your life. For example, the Business world, Arts and Entertainment, would be a few fields in which God can use you. Remember, the Holy Spirit is your friend. When you become Born-again, you have a genius that lives inside you. So, that is my take of the day. I hope it helps someone.




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