Introducing Lady Wisdom.

 crieth without; she uttereth her voice in the streets ( Prov 1:20)

In this Bible study, we are taking a good look at Lady Wisdom. She is everywhere. Let’s take a good look at where she is dwelling (Prov 1:21)….

  • She cries out above the commotion (CSB)
  • She calls out at street corners (CJB)
  • She shouts in the marketplaces (Business) (CEV)
  • …in the openings of the gates (Political and high places) (KJV)
  • …in the city, she uttereth her words…(KJV)

My, my, my, what a busy woman she is. She does get around. Her words are not tactful, but she brings home her point. Everyday, words of wisdom are coming out of her mouth and what is the first thing she says?

How much longer will you enjoy being stupid fools? Won’t you ever stop sneering and laughing at knowledge? (Prov 1:22)

She offers some helpful advice (Prov 1:23). To turn from foolishness. Correction is being offered. Wisdom is offering a deal that you can’t refuse. In return for accepting correction, you will get her spirit and revelation knowledge of her words! The wisdom that is represented in Proverbs is Christ. The word says that Christ is made unto us wisdom (I Cor 1:30)

A question to ask is why wisdom is depicted as a female? The answer to that question is simple. It is symbolic and has an interesting analogy. Women are known for their powers of seduction and wisdom will seduce the sinner to Christ. The word says that he that winneth souls is wise.

In our previous post, we saw how wisdom will bring answers to life’s toughest problems. When you have the answers to the world’s problems, people will beat a path to your door. Jesus understood this principle when he said to Peter—Follow me and I will make you a fisher of men. The right bait is needed to win souls for the Lord and that is wisdom. More to come.

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Prayer–Thank you, Lord, for speaking to me. Forgive me for being and acting foolish in my life. Show me areas where I need to make the necessary corrections. I receive your wisdom to make wise choices. Help me to see the importance of winning souls. Help me to use wisdom to win souls so that I can glorify you. In Jesus name.

Want more insight on wisdom? Check out this link….


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