A woman scorned.

But ye have set at nought all my counsel, and would none of my reproof (Prov 1:25)

In our last Bible study, we saw how Proverbs defines wisdom as a woman. How wisdom is calling out into the high places, streets, and other parts of the world. The world is looking for answers to life’s toughest problems. Wisdom has the power of bringing answers to all humanity. Today, we will see the consequences of rejecting wisdom.

                                   Don’t get Lady Wisdom angry! 

What are the consequences of rejecting wisdom?  It will bring disaster to your life. Your life will be a living hell. Here are some consequences of rejecting wisdom–

So when you get into trouble, I will laugh at you. I will make fun of you when terror strikes— when it comes on you like a storm, bringing fierce winds of trouble, and you are in pain and misery. Then you will call for wisdom, but I will not answer. You may look for me everywhere, but you will not find me.  You have never had any use for knowledge and have always refused to obey the Lord. You have never wanted my advice or paid any attention when I corrected you. So then, you will get what you deserve, and your own actions will make you sick. Inexperienced people die because they reject wisdom. Stupid people are destroyed by their own lack of concern. (Proverbs 1:26-32–The Good news version)

                                    God is a God of a second chance. 

Can you imagine going through a life of pain and trouble with no answer in sight?  To add misery to agony, Lady Wisdom will be laughing at your misfortune. (Prov 1:26) The good news is that God is a God of a second chance.  Jesus provided a way out of your troubles. Repent and get right with God. Jesus will give you a new beginning. 

The good thing about repentance is that Lady Wisdom will stop laughing. She will give you a second chance to receive her advice. Once you receive her advice, it will benefit your life and family. God bless. 

Prayer–Father, forgive me for having rejected your wisdom. Forgive me for putting you in second place. Forgive me for not spending my time with you. I come to you to repent of my foolishness. Your word says my sheep hear my voice. Help me to hear your voice. Thank you for forgiving me. I receive your forgiveness and wisdom for me today….in Jesus’s name. Amen.

Bible verses courtesy of www.biblegateway.com



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