Overcoming grief (Part 3)

Now to Abraham and his seed were the promises made. He saith not, And to seeds, as of many; but as of one, And to thy seed, which is Christ. (Gal 3:16)

In our previous Bible studies, we elaborated on two key points in overcoming grief–

These two topics are very important because they help us to overcome grief. God does not want us to become bitter or cold-hearted. He wants to give us a new beginning and change our mourning into joy. He makes all things new for us. Why? So, we can continue on our path to success and not look back.

As we finalize our series on grief, I want to expound on the subject of planting a seed. This is a powerful principle and will help us to see the whole picture of what God has prepared for us. We are going to see two examples of how to plant a seed in the midst of tragedy

                                  The seed of the church

There is a popular saying that the blood of martyrs is the seed of the church. This is very true. If the early disciples did not take a stand for the church, where would you or I be?  We can learn from their example. Commitment is the key. We must be willing to give our lives for Christ, if necessary. Knowing this is the reason why we should walk in the mind of Christ and better understand his purposes.

I want to dig deeper into the subject of seed planting. Yes, we heard of the saints of old giving their lives for Christ. It’s a noble thing, but what about the signs, wonders, and miracles? The apostle John was an example. John’s persecutors decided to make an example of him. Taking him to the Roman coliseum, they poured boiling oil on him. God delivered John from the effects of the boiling oil. This, in return, caused a massive effect on the public.

It caused them to fear God, bringing many souls to salvation. The authorities could not handle that, so they exiled John to the isle of Patmos. What was the Apostle’s secret?  Love! The apostle John was known as the apostle of Love. He wrote the love chapters of the Bible. The word of God says that faith worketh by love. (Gal 5:6)

The blood of the martyrs was a seed planted. That seed released signs, wonders, and miracles. John had a revelation. He knew that God was not done with him. The fact that he walked in love caused his faith to deliver him from premature death.

While on the isle of Patmos, God gave him instructions to write a book. God poured out his prophetic word on John. He saw his future! God showed him that he was going to be released. This, in return, would allow him to preach the gospel. (Rev 10:9-11) Those words went on to impact him and future generations. He was the only disciple to die a natural death at 86 years old. (1) What a way to turn a lemon into lemonade! God will do the same if you are open to seeking His face.

                                    The seed of the father.

The other topic to be addressed is the seed of the Father. Who was the seed of the Father? None other than Jesus. (Rom 6:5) A well-known Evangelist’s wife was being interviewed about a tragedy in her life. Her husband was used by God in a mighty way back in the ’50s and ’60s.  Sadly, she experienced the loss of a son to suicide. The host asked her how did they manage to get thru their grief?

She answered that the Lord impressed them to sow their son as a seed to God. That statement gave me a new revelation. The power of a seed! That incident in their lives did not stop them but they went on to impact the world for the Lord in a far greater way.

Think about this for a minute. God the father saw his son crucified, beat and spit on. He planted him as a seed. That seed impacted generations to come and created the church. We are the harvest of that seed—Praise God!

As you plant your loved ones as a seed, you will see a new beginning in your life. Who knows what impact your seed will have? God is a God of new beginnings! If you are grieving the loss of a loved one, plant that seed and watch God take away the pain and give you a new beginning.

(1) https://overviewbible.com/how-did-the-apostles-die/

For more on this subject, check out our podcast…https://www.spreaker.com/user/calebsantos/recording-47








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