Guard your mind.


He restoreth my soulhe leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake. (Ps 23:3)

Years ago, I remember my teacher telling us to put on our thinking caps. We pretended we were putting our thinking caps on and trying to answer questions. This brought on excitement and motivation to the classroom. Today, we are going to the classroom of the Holy Spirit and we will put on our thinking caps. What is our thinking cap? None other than Christ. ( Rom 13:13-14)

Why put on Christ? Simply because the word Christ means the Holy Spirit’s power to destroy yokes and lift burdens. Where do we start to put on Christ? In our minds. Scriptures tell us that we have the mind of Christ, but there is one catch–we have to let this mind be in us. (Phil 2:5)

There are many ways in which we can let this truth slip from us and drag us into the world. If you notice Rom 13:13-14 (Amplified version), you will find some examples–

  • Carousing
  • Drunkenness
  • Sexual promiscuity
  •  Irresponsibility
  •  Quarreling
  •  Jealousy

These sins of the flesh will cause us to forget our identity with Christ and open the door for the enemy to get in. Another aspect that can hurt us is worry and fear. These things can hurt our minds, thoughts, and decision-making process. Psalms 23:3 gives us an example of how well David understood this principle.

..He (God) restoreth my soul (mind, will, and emotions)

None of us are immune from the stresses and anxieties in life. People look to escape from those things through alcohol, wild parties, and sex.  Participating in those things will cause you to be irresponsible with your bills among other things. It will lead to a downward spiral.

When you put on your spiritual thinking cap (The mind of Christ), the Holy Spirit becomes your teacher. You start to see things in a different light. David saw this principle taking care of his sheep. There were many dangers involved in the caring of his sheep, but he had his mind on the Lord. As a result of that, God was restoring his soul.

In this day, I encourage you to put on your spiritual thinking caps. Do not allow the flesh, world, and the enemy to put toxic thoughts that will hurt you in the long run. Medical science has discovered that stress is related to sickness and disease. Protect your mind and learn to bring your thoughts into captivity.

As you do that, wisdom will come from above and bring solutions to life’s problems. You cannot lose because you have a genius living on the inside of you. It is a win-win situation. So, stay with your spiritual thinking cap because you have the mind of Christ!

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