Do you know your calling?

Greetings. Let me start my post with the following words—I want you! If you are looking for a home church and want to further your Bible studies, I want you! Technology has evolved at such a rapid pace that online churches are growing. Isn’t it amazing that we can have fellowship on a Sunday morning even though we are miles apart? Add to that concept, the Zoom meetings and we can get to know each other better.

Our passion and vision are to minister to the body of Christ. Many of you reading this may be seasoned soldiers that have been used on the battlefield of prayer. You have seen souls come to Christ. Signs and wonders were happening as a result of prayer, but something happened. You have been hurt. The Christian Corner ministries want to help you. God wants to heal you of a broken heart and get you back into battle. Souls are in the balance.

Maybe you have been in a church that is not feeding you? Perhaps you feel that it is time to move on? Many reading this post know that you have a calling but you don’t know how to pursue it. Let us help you. At the Christian corner ministry school, we will help you set up your online church. We will teach you how to reach out through social media and search engines.

There are many ways to help expand your ministry and reach out to souls, but please remain teachable. Patience is, also, a requirement, because there is a lot to learn in our school of ministry. The school is free, but we do require a free-will offering once in a while if you are able. We will bring some guest speakers to help teach you the word. Not called to ministry?  You can still benefit. We will help you find your gifts and talents. So, please check out our Facebook page Christian corner school of ministry. God bless.


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