Friday night service.

We had a great time together. Brother Danny shared the message of Salvation. We know that people watching us on Facebook live got exposed to the good news. My wife, Co-Pastor Terry, shared a word of encouragement. I shared about the importance of communion for the body. God is a covenant God, and there is power when you stand on his promises.

One good example was when the children of Israel were under Egyptian bondage for 400 years. During much suffering and turmoil, some remembered their covenant with the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob. (Exodus 2:24) Scripture teaches us that God delivered them with supplied them with silver and gold. We also saw that there was no feeble among them. The word feeble in the Hebrew text means sick. (Ps 105:37)

God has delivered us from spiritual Egypt. On the one hand, Egypt symbolizes the world, flesh, and the devil. The other side is that God has given us a covenant with better and greater promises. Covenant is a powerful tool to have in prayer. Taking communion is beyond remembering the death of Jesus on the cross for us. It releases the promises of God for our lives.

So, as you take time to watch our teaching on communion, your eyes will be open to new revelations of God. You will notice how this special ceremony has been perverted in the past by man’s tradition and religion. Another nugget is discovering how its power can free you from your struggles. One last thing, have your bread and juice ready. As you take this in faith, watch and see how God’s power will move in your life. Please click on the enclosed link…


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