Watch and pray.

But Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord. (Gen 6:8)

Greetings. In this lesson, I want to direct your attention to learning how to listen to God in prayer. In order to have God speak to you, Grace has to be a factor. The Hebrew word Grace means to have favor or be pleasing to God. Noah sought the Lord’s face constantly and loved the Lord. Because of this, he found grace before the Lord, and God spoke to him.

When God spoke to Noah, he showed him his calling. He was to warn the people of impending judgment. For years, his message was to repent. People mocked and laughed at him. The only ones who listened were his family. What does that tell us? In these last days, it is very important that we take time to listen to God. When we listen to God, he shows us our calling. His direction and guidance can even save our lives and our loved ones.

Sometimes, God uses tragedies to wake us up and fulfill our calling. I saw a docudrama on the life of Sis Helen (1). She was an alcoholic. Her wake-up call came when she lost her husband and son. Her son was, brutally, stabbed in the streets, and that incident brought her to God. She became a nun, got into a run-down tenement in the Bronx, New York, and helped the drug addicts and alcoholics.

She had people from the streets who looked mean, but this little Irish Nun was not intimidated. She would show tough love and get in their faces if they got out of line. It was amazing how they respected her. To many, she was like a mother. Granted, we can be critical and say that she lived in poverty in a rat-infested home. Her methods might have been unorthodox as far as the church was concerned, but she impacted those men’s lives.

She took a negative, which was losing a son in the streets to gain some spiritual sons from the street. God can give you grace with the meanest people in your neighborhood and open the doors to saving souls. Mean people need love. When they see the glory of God on you in a real way, they will start to open their hearts. I want to encourage you to seek God and ask the Holy Spirit to help you listen to his voice. It might save your life. God bless.

(1) For a look at Sis Helen, click on this link. You can watch it on the Tubi channel network…


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