Weekend recap

Greetings. At least for me, it has been a busy weekend. God has been moving in my life and showing me many things. One thing I need to work on is time management. I can get easily distracted. Being focused will be the item this week that I will be working on. Let’s do a recap of last week’s podcasts. On the link below, we will discuss the wells of Salvation. If you did not hear this teaching on our Facebook page, it is available below.

The other podcast talks about keeping your enemies closer. Sounds familiar? If you watched The Godfather (Part 2), that saying was quoted in the movie. Our Lord Jesus did the same with Judas. Contrary to what happened in The Godfather, which was execution, once the traitor was found, Jesus gave Judas many times to repent before he self-destructed in a sea of bitterness.

Last but not least is the podcast entitled–Pay Attention to your dreams. God speaks to us in dreams, often warning us of dangers ahead. Can they be prevented, or is it —Que sera, Sera? Find out in this exciting podcast to help you interpret your dreams.

We invite you to join us on our live-streaming prayer service on Fridays (10 am). Feel free to send in your prayer request at the contact section of this website. We want to pray with you and help you get victory in your life. Also, check out the book entitled- Prayers Which Avails Much. It is a powerful book and will help you to be successful in your prayer life. Click on the following link for more information…https://amzn.to/3V20DtV


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