Do you have a hardened heart?

When you pray, are you listening?

While it is said, To day if ye will hear his voice, harden not your hearts, as in the provocation. (Heb 3:15) (1)

Beloved, are you hardening your heart? Are you listening to what the Lord is saying? Let’s look at the example of Jesus. As I read this, I marvel at the hardness of the religious leaders when they came to arrest him. Let’s look at the first example—

  • When Judas, the religious leaders, and Roman soldiers came to arrest Jesus. Jesus asked them— Who seek thee? They answered—Jesus of Nazareth! Jesus answered I am He. If you have the Bible in book form, some would have the word “He” italicized, meaning it was added. The Greek translation reads–I AM. The words I AM are proof that Jesus was God in the flesh. His words had power. That power knocked Judas, the religious leaders, and the soldiers down to the floor. At that, they should have backed away and left him alone, but their hearts were hardened. (John 18:4-9)
  • Another miracle was when Peter cut off the ear of Malchus. Jesus reproved Peter and told him to put his sword away. He then put the servant’s ear back in place, performing another miracle. ( John 18:10-11, Luke 22:50-51) Sadly, the people who wanted to arrest him did not change their minds about Jesus.
  • Jesus stood in the gap, interceding for the people who arrested him. He prayed to the Father to forgive them, for they know not what they do. Notice what he said–Forgive them. Praying for your enemies is a fundamental principle because the word is clear. Evil shall not depart from their house when you reward evil for good. (Prov 17:13)
  • The veil of the temple was torn in half. That veil was made of a strong material for any ordinary man to break and was huge. The veil was so heavy that it needed 300 priests to manipulate it. It was believed that horses pulled to each side could not tear it apart. The power of God tore that veil apart so that the New Covenant could be put in place. (Matt 27:51)
  • A tremendous Earthquake splits the rocks apart (Matt 27:51)
  • The tombs were opened, and the Old Testament Saints were resurrected and walking around town. Can you imagine John the Baptist, whose head got cut off, walking around with his head in place? That is a big miracle. (Matt 27:52)
  • Jesus’ body was not there, and an Angel moved the stone. Despite all these miracles, these religious leaders refused to believe. The part that amazes me is that the soldiers saw the blessing of the resurrection, took the money, and lied about the whole story. (Matt 28:1-15)
  • Alas, despite God’s mercy and grace, Israel was held accountable. After grace came Judgement, Israel and her temple were destroyed, and its people scattered. (Luke 19:41-44)

So, let’s learn from the past. Let’s check our hearts and take some time to remember God’s mercies and miracles. Guard your heart. God bless


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