When do you feel most productive?

In the morning, when I drink my coffee.

Whether you are like me or not, we all have to agree….time waits for no one. Early mornings are a must for me. I try to minimize distractions and focus on my goals. During my time in the Navy, I learned to have a plan for the day. Many times, I write it down. Writing down your thoughts and plans helps you. It is a way to keep up with time management.

Time management is something we all need. We cannot commit everything to memory. It helps to write it down. I have missed appointments because of failure to write it down. Second, Prioritize! Again, relating to my Navy experience, I learned a lot. I worked as a supply clerk for a Navy Squadron. There were ratings on the order of aircraft parts.

AKO meant high priority. What are some AKO in your life? AK7 means it is not essential. What are some AK7’s in your life? Sometimes, we want to do everything in one day. I understand that, but sometimes, that can add stress to your life. Take a deep breath and schedule your AK7s for the next day.

At the end of the day, look at your list. You will be surprised at how much you can accomplish. Learn to be productive and add less stress to your life. Avoid distractions. They are a time-killer. Make every minute count, especially when serving the Lord. Life will be better, and you will manage to get a lot done. Hope this helps.

Note—Want more information about time management? Click on this link..


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