Weekend recap for the week of 4/23

Greetings. What a week it was. God was moving through a lot of revelations concerning finances. Tradition and religious chains were coming apart, and only time will tell the tremendous results of this fruitful revelation. As we study and practice this time-tested revelation, it will set many free from poverty and lack.

Phil 2:5 says let this mind be in you as was in Christ. We have the mind of Christ. The anointing that destroys every yoke, including financial lack and poverty, is present within us. We have a genius that lives inside of us, and that is the Holy Spirit. As we study Biblical prosperity, we know it does not come without a fight. We need to learn how to stand and receive God’s promises to fight the good fight of faith.

Take some time and listen to these teachings over and over again. Share this website with your friends and family who are struggling. We are an army, and we stand together. Below I have the week’s recap. I pray that it will inspire and encourage you!


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